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Additional services   Additional services
- chauffeur (+35 EUR/8 hours;
extra time: 5 EUR/hour)
- GPS (+5 EUR/day) up to availability  
- child car seat (+3 EUR/day)  
- snow chains (+3 EUR/day)  



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• Car rental terms and conditions

• Company insurance policy no. 51946

issued by OMNIASIG VIG SA.

• Personal data operators no. 10626.

• The cars pictures are for presentation only.

• The listed rates are valid for car rental in Romania only. For rental outside Romania special rates and conditions applied. Please contact us for a custum offer.

• Romanian authority for

consumer protection - A.N.P.C

 We accept





Leasing operational

    Medium and long term    

    corporate car rental

    in Romania 


Travis LongTerm

By this service we are looking especially for companies that want to avoid the problems of managing a car fleet. It is a practical solution for the economic management of the transport activity of the company, similar with operational leasing. In other words, it is cheaper to rent a car for a medium or long term than to buy and maintain it.


Our advantages:

 • varied and well maintained fleet; new customized cars (on request); 

 • no initial investment; special fares with fixed monthly rate tax deductible; 

 • standard insurance (RCA, Casco) and fees (road fee, taxes) included; 

 • car maintenance included: revisions and repairs, tires for summer/winter seasons; 

 • 24/7 roadside assistance, car replacement in case of damage;

 • car fleet operating cost control with no stress.




Travis FlexiCar

This service is designed for companies who often need to rent cars at a guaranted fixed rate and significantly reduced compared with the standard rates. FlexiCar concept involves a contract of min. 30 days of car rental that can be used anytime within 6 months.


The product offers flexibility:
- Rental days could be consecutive or not, depending on the customer's option;
- Customer can choose any car within budget default (if the client chooses at some point to rent a car from a superior tariff class, it will pay the difference in price);
- where a car in the contracted tariff class is not available, the customer will receive a car of the next higher class available, without paying the difference in price.



Car rental for expats in Romania




 >   For a medium/long term car rental of FlexiCar service, please ask us for a quotation.



Rental conditions: minimum 21 years old and 1 year driving experience. Deposit: 100 - 600 EUR. Rates in EUR/day, including car rental fee, maintenance, insurance, VAT and limited mileage (Long term car rental: 4000 Km/month; FlexiCar: 5000 Km/30 days; additional: 0,2 EUR/Km). Fuel is not included. All car models have air conditioned. Rental rates and car models are subject to change. Additional services: chauffeur (+35 EUR/8 hours; extra time: 5 EUR/hour; accommodation not included), GPS (+5 EUR/day), child car seat (+3 EUR/day), snow chains (+3 EUR/day).

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