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Additional services   Additional services
- chauffeur (+35 EUR/8 hours;
extra time: 5 EUR/hour)
- GPS (+5 EUR/day) up to availability  
- child car seat (+3 EUR/day)  
- snow chains (+3 EUR/day)  



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• Car rental terms and conditions

• Company insurance policy no. 51946

issued by OMNIASIG VIG SA.

• Personal data operators no. 10626.

• The cars pictures are for presentation only.

• The listed rates are valid for car rental in Romania only. For rental outside Romania special rates and conditions applied. Please contact us for a custum offer.

• Romanian authority for

consumer protection - A.N.P.C

 We accept





Leasing operational

    Medium and long term    

    corporate car rental


    in Romania 


By this service we are looking especially for companies that want to avoid the problems of managing a car fleet. It is a practical solution for the economic management of the transport activity of the company, similar with operational leasing. In other words, it is cheaper to rent a car for a medium or long term than to buy and maintain it.


Our advantages:

 • varied and well maintained fleet; new customized cars (on request); 

 • no initial investment; special fares with fixed monthly rate tax deductible; 

 • standard insurance (RCA, Casco) and fees (road fee, taxes) included; 

 • car maintenance included: revisions and repairs, tires for summer/winter seasons; 

 • 24/7 roadside assistance, car replacement in case of damage;

 • car fleet operating cost control with no stress.




Travis FlexiCar

This service is designed for companies who often need to rent cars at a guaranted fixed rate and significantly reduced compared with the standard rates. FlexiCar concept involves a contract of min. 30 days of car rental that can be used anytime within 6 months.


The product offers flexibility:
- Rental days could be consecutive or not, depending on the customer's option;
- Customer can choose any car within budget default (if the client chooses at some point to rent a car from a superior tariff class, it will pay the difference in price);
- where a car in the contracted tariff class is not available, the customer will receive a car of the next higher class available, without paying the difference in price.



Car rental for expats in Romania




 >   For a medium/long term car rental of FlexiCar service, please ask us for a quotation.



Rental conditions: minimum 21 years old and 1 year driving experience. Deposit: 100 - 600 EUR. Rates in EUR/day, including car rental fee, maintenance, insurance, VAT and limited mileage (Long term car rental: 4000 Km/month; FlexiCar: 5000 Km/30 days; additional: 0,2 EUR/Km). Fuel is not included. All car models have air conditioned. Rental rates and car models are subject to change. Additional services: chauffeur (+35 EUR/8 hours; extra time: 5 EUR/hour; accommodation not included), GPS (+5 EUR/day), child car seat (+3 EUR/day), snow chains (+3 EUR/day).

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